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Dream your way to success

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by Marc Le Menestrel (28/08/2012)

It’s not all about business plans and spreadsheets and getting to the next goal. The picture of real success is at least partly in your mind.

Business schools give you the tools: financial literacy, management and economic theory, marketing… it’s how you put it all together in the working world that determines success or failure. And that ability to combine is not necessarily a logical function, but one that involves a certain amount of creative thinking - the kinds of right brain activity we think of as having minimal importance in the office or on decision making.

However, Marc le Menestrel believes that psychology and emotions have everything to do with the business world. He describes the complex web of forces that drive decision making as “dreams”.

This is the first two entry paragraphs of an article entitled "Dream your way to success" by Grace Segran for INSEAD Knowledge. Based on an interview carried out in Jakarta, Grace is introducing the theme of dreams in executive education.

Maybe it is this article that attracted the attention of CNN’s journalist Rose Hoare who wrote a piece entitled "How seeing the big picture could bring success, fulfillment" which features excerpts from an interview she conducted with me. Below is her first two paragraphs, featuring the Dreaming Sessions and INSEAD:

(CNN) — Performance targets are built into an annual review that tells you how well you are achieving at work. Salary is another way of keeping score. But some experts believe in order to find real career fulfillment, you need to look beyond short- and medium-term goals.

At INSEAD, an elite business school in France, ethics professor and decision scientist Marc Le Menestrel conducts four-hour ’Dreaming and Visioning’ sessions with senior executives, as part of a four-week program intended to hone decision-making.