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Values, Ethics and Business Decisions

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by Marc Le Menestrel (18/09/2009)

How to act in the face of corruption, intimidation or coercion?

How to honestly discuss the impact of business activities to our natural habitat?

What to think about influencing the political sphere and the general public using subversion practices or manipulative techniques?

What to say when accused of unethical behavior?

Those who have never asked these uncomfortable questions may later be trapped in various forms of denial, rationalization and loss of power. They prepare themselves for bad surprises.

In this challenging session, we experience and discuss situations where unethical behavior may well be the easiest or most efficient response.

Looking for some "Ethical Rationality", we then work on a series of analytical tools to uncover the specific logics of ethical values in business decisions at the cognitive, behavioral and communication levels.

We thus can work on strengthening our ability to be proactive in front of these difficult situations: our power to draw the line in the grey zone.