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A Journey Through the Forest

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by Marc Le Menestrel (19/07/2011)

In these last years, I have been dreaming of accompanying executives in Nature, to share my teaching in this only place where I truly feel at home. I could see the day where I could teach from my true self, as much as a rock-climber or an academic.

Thanks to the vision of Jens Meyer at CEDEP and of his client, this became reality in June 2011 with a 2-day program in the Fontainebleau forest, followed by a 1/2-day debriefing to facilitate integration and re-entry.

I may have spent in this place most of my week-end before 20, discovering this magical forest in the typical tribal way of my rock-climbing friends and with unbounded passion. This journey was like coming home: a deep feeling of belonging.

Here is how the program was presented to a set of 40 Human Resources participants of a large multinational:

The purpose is to prepare you to guide the leaders of your company in their own journey. We will take the time for you to go deep in who you are and who you want to become: we want your own journey to become the primary source of your excellence towards others’.

We will dream, reflect, share ideas and visions to be ourselves, for us and for others: to work better together.

Day 1: Anchoring in the past, dreaming the future: being with integrity.

Day 2: Giving to others, protecting ourselves and trusting the unknown: becoming together.

½ Day 3: Integration towards my role as HR leader

Experiences in nature combined with cutting edge leadership development approaches and discussion are an effective way to help us realize how much we are part of nature. We also experience that our own accomplishment depends on looking after each other and the environment. Our nature can be a surprising and distinctive teacher…

Download the flyer (pdf) for more information.

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