Marc Le Menestrel
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From global consciousness to local presence: searching for pathways

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There are many ways to have a global consciousness. We can be conscious of our world, our natural environment, our civilization, our future, our destiny, our species... Some of these lines of thoughts are inspiring and some are painful, but most of them can lead us at some point to who we are, here and now.

Exploring the connections between our global consciousness and our local presence is a journey, an art of life with its beauty and surprises. It is an experience full of values, beliefs and emotions. It can be a conscious work, one to reclaim our power to be ourselves at present, humble actors of our relation to the world and of our beliefs about it.

And when we are here, with all our will and enthusiasm intact, with the impression that our local presence is strong, with our connection with the global, we are lucky and grateful, enjoying and nurturing a meaningful and accomplishing life.