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Barcelona Graduate School of Economics: Health and Ethics

This course is part of the Master in Health Economics and Policy of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. It is designed and taught jointly by Raquel Gallego and Marc Le Menestrel.


This course in an introduction to ethics in Health Management. It combines a societal perspective analyzing issues of values in health systems, health actors, health policies, health values and power with a behavioral perspective analyzing issues of rational decision-making, marketing, business influence and development.


Students must prepare each session according to the requests posted on this website. They consist in 9 individual essays (one for each session) and one final group project (groups of 3 or 4 students) to be presented in class during the last session.

Essays must be submitted to professors by email at least 24 hours before the session. In this manner, they can be handed back commented to the students during the session.


Students receive a grade for each session, which overall constitute their final grade. If a student cannot attend a session, he/she must send a summary of her understanding of the slides in addition to the required essay.

Each essay accounts for 8% of the final grade.

A class participation grade accounts for 10% of the final grade.

The final project accounts for 18% of the final grade.

There is no final exam.


Raquel Gallego, PhD (Political Science), London School of Economics

Associate Professor of Political Science, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Email: raquel.gallego at

Office and Office Hours: 1 hour after each session

Marc Le Menestrel

Office: UPF - 20.1E34

Office Hours: 1 hour after each session

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