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UPF - BSM: Mastering your Thesis

This course accompanies students in the conduct of their Master Thesis at the Barcelona School of Management.

Taught by Gert Cornelissen and Marc Le Menestrel, the objective of the course is that students end up their Master with a Thesis that meet high standards and that they are proud of. In this manner, the Thesis experience becomes a journey for students to:

  • clarify their genuine intellectual interest,
  • learn how to produce a high-quality writing piece that demonstrates this interest,
  • learn a methodology that can be later useful for the development and sharing of other interests,
  • connect with UPF and BSM faculty beyond class attendance,
  • reach a sentiment of intellectual accomplishment.

The course takes place over the whole academic year with the following structure:

1st Trimester: Students choose their type of thesis, look for an appropriate subject and write a Subject Proposal.

2nd Trimester: Students collect all elements for their thesis and write a Thesis Proposal.

3rd Trimester: Students finish their writing, improve it using external comments and submit their final version.

The course mixes classes, tutoring and seminars.

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