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Research Topics in Management

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by Marc Le MenestrelMichael Bashshur (10/01/2011)

This is a GPEFM PhD Course at UPF, taught with Michael Bashshur at UPF.
The course is tailored to students research needs with two sets of objectives.

  • The first is to help students define and develop their research question(s), choose an appropriate methodology, improve their use of the state-of-the-art literature and write publishable papers.
  • The second is to give students some grounding in Philosophy of Science, as well as to provide some insight into what it means to be an academic.

Rather than delivering a specific academic content, the courset aims to help students to join academia as an intellectual community where ideas are exchanged and tested, where experiences are shared and built upon, and where each one can develop a meaningful reflection, for others and for oneself.

The course is built on a combination of experiential coaching sessions, students’ presentations of classical papers (both theoretical and methodological), presentation of their own research, and a series of papers which apply methodologies that may be useful for future students’ research.