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Coaching & Self-Development


I am proposing short series of integrative coaching sessions aimed at providing participants with experiences, knowledge and methods tailored to their needs and aspirations.

The intention is to develop the core of a freer, more powerful, and more responsible identity. Specific sessions also address topical issues that are essential to the expression of participants’ full potential.

The rationale is that there is no genuine and sustainable professional success against the core of a person. Conversely, a strong and centered identity provides a solid platform to sustain professional high performance. The alignment of professional activities is intended to take place within the whole of a participant’s life.

Since reason alone is not sufficient for reaching full potential, conversational and experiential learning invite cognition to pay close attention to emotional and unconscious realms. Participants learn to position their rational processes at the service of values and dreams, finding inside the source of their inspiration. Willing to make the learning durable, participants progressively make explicit their own processes in order to become their own teachers.

Sessions are delivered one-to-one and/or on-line via Skype and last 1 to 2 hours. A standard series comprises 10 sessions over 6 months, i.e. one session every 3 weeks.

Sessions topics are decided along the process conjointly with the participant. Below is an example of core sessions:

*. Where am I when I am lost?
In a world of profound transformation, there are moments where one feels like losing its sense and direction, letting fears overwhelm the mind and hinder action. In this session, we are recreating these moments as a safe experience of self-discovery, thereby initiating a transformation that empower us and fill us with energy and self-confidence.

*. Where do I come from?
Sometimes, our past contains experiences which disturb our anchoring in the world or prevent us from accessing our full potential. In this session, we are exploring the roots of our self in a manner that favours reconciliation with our past.

*. What are my dreams?
When activated beyond the cognitive realm of goals, dreams offer a positive experience of who we could become. In this session, we are learning to provoke such an experience in a safe and comfortable manner. These dreams allow us to avoid being prisoners of our goal and help to make sense of unexpected changes in the environment.

*. Who am I?
Cognitive responses to our questioning about our identity may lead to a rigid self-image. Without denying the protection such a process may offer, this session proposes an experience of our multiple selves and of the internal conversations that take place among them. This allows us to find a place in ourselves from which we can observe and bring more peace to our internal conflicts.

Besides developing participants’ identity, these core sessions also equip the participant with basic techniques, with the ambition of becoming his/her own coach as much as appropriate. These techniques, as well as variations of them and more advanced exercises, are used in more topical sessions such as:

*. What are my core values?

*. Who are my Very Important Persons?

*. How does my professional life align with my personal life?

*. What is my vision of success?

*. What are my fears?

*. How resilient am I to failure?

*. What is my relation to money?

*. How do I live my time?

*. What is my “special power”?

*. What are my true risks?

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