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Goals and Success: the Parable of the Sadhu (Seminar 2, April 19, 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (2/03/2011)

Video: “The Parable of the Sadhu” – Harvard Business School.


Through a case study depicting a Wall Street financial analyst facing a dilemma in mountaineering, we discuss whether success lies in the mere attainment of goals.

Required reading

McCoy, Bowen: “The parable of the Sadhu”, in Harvard Business Review, Vol. 75 N°3, May-June 1997, pp. 54-61.

Assignment ( 300 words) to be submitted when arriving in class

Reflecting on this parable, for you personally, is success the mere attainment of your goals?

Advice: Make this an opportunity to reflect on your own definition of success, applied to you in your life and dare to write the text with "I".

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