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Guest Lecture on the Environment (Monday 15th of May 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (24/04/2016)

Mathieu spent his first 10 years working in multinational organizations from various sectors in France, USA and Spain. He has built a deep understanding of organizational development within the “business as usual” paradigm. He moved to Barcelona in 2004, and decided since then to learn and practice CSR within different department into his former company and developed a high level of enthusiasm for managing people. In 2010, he co-funded Ecodigma in order to facilitate strategic planning towards sustainability through system thinking and collective intelligence methodology. He’s regularly facilitating workshop away from Spain most of them for a French company recognized as an R&D innovation center in Collective Intelligence. He’s Vice president of the The Natural Step Association in Barcelona and an active member of TNS Network, co-organizing events in Spain and France. He has taught sustainable design in both UOC and UPF.
You can reached me at mathieu.durrande see more (spanish only)

Mathieu Durrande
Mathieu Durrande


1. Look at the following 3 short videos:

Let the environment guide our development

What is sustainability (Part 1 & 2)

Part 1- Sustainability: scientific & simple definition

Part 2 - 4 root causes of unsustainability?

2. What principles strikes you the most? Why? (bring your prep in class)

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