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Dreaming and Deciding your life (Seminar 10, discussion with experiential exercise, June 14, 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (22/05/2014)

In this session, we experience an integrated form of decision-making where the heart and soul enrich the cognitive processes.

Reason alone is not sufficient for taking the best decisions. In a world of profound transformation, a purely intellectual approach may even crowd out our most important values and lead us to unexpected negative consequences. At the individual level, or at the company level, it is becoming a must to integrate our values, emotions, imagination and intuition into our decision making.

Teaching to take better decisions becomes experiential as participants are actors of their learning process. Intimate dialogues, respectful conversations, meditation and day-dreaming techniques are typical examples of processes that open minds and hearts towards taking the decisions that a situation may require. Guided visualization exercises are especially useful to clarify and empower our dream beyond our goal and to ensure continuity and value of the process.

Preparation (15 minutes)

Take 15 minutes of your time that you spend in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. Remembering people, places or experiences of your past, connect with who you were before becoming the student you are now and ask to yourself, “What were my dreams about university?”. Write down a few words about them.

Assignment (300-500 words)

What did you learn from this course? How can this be useful for your professional life and/or your life in general?

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