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Conclusion and Sharing of Key Learning (Seminar 10 with Discussion, June 14, 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (2/03/2011)

After the remaining presentations of the students, we share key learning from the course and discuss how this learning can be effectively embedded in the future career of the students.


Prepare a short synthesis (300 words) of the key ideas or concepts that you have learned in the class. Identify one reason for which this can be useful in your future career. Note that you can either bring a printed assignment or, if you want, upload your work on the forum of this class.

Our evaluation of the course

We have elaborated a questionnaire to have a more precise evaluation of the course. Please take the time to fill the online questionnaire as we are very much interested in your experience and will try to improve the course for next year!

Official evaluation of the course

Make sure you also complete the official evaluation of the course through the University system. It is the main way for a direct communication between students and the administration.

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