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Why the ethics debate? Managerialism in health systems. April 13, 9:00-11:00

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by Raquel Gallego (17/11/2011)

- Health care systems reforms since the 80s.

- Managerialism and value change in the public sector.

Essay (max 600 words): What are the main threads of the health care reforms carried out over the turn of the century? What can we learn from them?

Required reading:

Docteur, E.; Oxley, H. 2003. Health-care systems: Lessons from the reform experience. Paris: OECD, pp. 7-50. (

Optional readings:

Ferlie, E. et al. 1996. (eds.) The new public management in action. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ch. 1, pp.1-29.

Lane, J.E. 2000. New Public Management, London: Routledge, pp.1-15

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Pollitt, C. 1993. Managerialism and the public services. Oxford: Blackwell. 2nd edition, pp.1-27.

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