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Agenda setting and policy decision making. May 10, 15:00-17:00

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by Raquel Gallego (17/11/2011)

- Where does policy come from?

- Which and whose interests influence policymaking?


Use an example to analyse how an issue is included on the agenda and how it is brought to a decision stage.

Required readings:

Case: Swine flu.

Colebach, H.K. 2005. Who Makes Policy? Buckingham. Open University Press. 2nd edition. Ch. 3-4, pp.22-48. [PDF]Swine Flu case. [PDF]

Optional readings:

Colebach, H.K. 2005. Policy. Buckingham. Open University Press. 2nd edition. Ch. 5-6, pp.49-81.

Smith, K.; Larimer, C. 2009. The Public Policy Theory Primer, Westview Press, pp.49-99.

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