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Strategic analysis of Metronomic Anti-Cancer therapies in Developing Countries

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by Marc Le Menestrel (16/12/2011)

Students shall present an exploratory strategic analysis of Metronomic Anti-Cancer therapies in Developing Countries. Students are invited to use the concepts and methods used during the course without being constrained not to use any other relevant framework.

They may wish to consider the following aspects:

  • The promises of Metronomics
  • Pediatric applications of Metronomics
  • The case of India
  • The case of China
  • The case of Africa

Students are invited to draw explicit conclusions and recommendations from their analysis, specifying the specific aspects pertaining to developing countries.

Topic 1: Strategic analysis of anti-cancer treatments

Topic 2: New Business Models for Global Health in developing countries

Call for Students Projects: Business Models for the Metronomics Global Health Initiative

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