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Alternative Ethical strategies for Global Health in Developing Countries. June 15, 9:00-11:00

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by Marc Le Menestrel (17/11/2011)

This session explores business strategies to improve health in developing countries using cheaper and more easily administrable products.

Questions treated in this session:

To whom is directed Global Health?

Are "bottom of the pyramid" business strategies more ethical?

Can business be part of more ethical solution to Global Health?

What is the ethics of future perspectives in Global Health?


A paper of approximately 1000 words (per person) around the following question "Given your expertise, experience, learning in this Master and in this course, and also your knowledge of the Metronomics Global Health Initiative, what are the insights and/or recommendations you would like to share?"

See also the general call for Students’ projects: Call for Students Projects: Business Models for the Metronomics Global Health Initiative where all the bibliographic material will be gathered.

Click here to access our bibliography on New Business Models for Global Health in Developing Countries

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