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Actors in health care systems. April 26, 16:00-18:00

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by Raquel Gallego (17/11/2011)

- Actors and agency relations in health systems.

- Health professions, organizations and power.


What are the main factors that help understand the power of the medical profession?

Required reading:

Blank, R.H.; Burau, V. 2007. Comparative health policy. 2nd ed. Ch.5, pp. 131-158. [PDF]

Optional readings:

Ferlie, E. et al. 1996. (eds.) The new public management in action. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Ch. 7, pp.165-194.

Kickert W. and Klijn, E. 1997 (eds.) Managing complex networks. London:Sage, pp.14-61.

Johnson, T.; Larkin, G.; Saks, M. 1995. (eds.) Health professions and the state in Europe. London: Routledge.

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