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Can you be rational and ethical?

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by Marc Le Menestrel (22/06/2008)

I like to use my words and my personality to dive into one of the most important and difficult subject of our time: how to combine ethical values and rational business decisions.

In my speaking assignments, my intention is to inspire people and help companies in Europe, Asia and America to better identify, implement and experience the value of values at the individual and corporate levels.

Based on my research in the theory of choice and the foundations of measurement, my concept of “ethical rationality” proposes a unique method to constantly aim for the ideal combination of ethical values and economic value. Above all, I like not to elude our most difficult choices: those arising in situations where ethics and economics cannot be combined. Be it for strategic decisions about global environmental change, social responsibility or human needs and values, some key business decisions arise in grey zone, and a line must be drawn. Inviting people and companies to feel powerful in front of these defining moments, I propose tools and methods that combine analytical and emotional intelligence. My approach to internal and external communication in these situations has been appreciated by people and companies willing to give values their appropriate place.

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