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Open Forum about Management Teaching at UPF

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by Marc Le Menestrel (30/11/2011)

On November 28, 2011 took place the first OPEN MEETING on Strategy Teaching at UPF.

It was as a very international team from Mexico, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Catalunya and France that met in a circle, expressing the desire to be at the service of each others and to improve the teaching experience at UPF.

We raised big and small questions and shared equally big and small answers, about the balance between teaching content and students’ motivation, about our passion for teaching but also our sense of being exhausted after five repeated seminars, and of course about the ways to give more relevance to our work.

As a follow-up of this meeting, this web article is a small step aims at offering a place for sharing ideas though a Discussion Forum.

According to the flyer of the meeting, this was how Marc expressed the intention of these OPEN encounters at UPF:

At UPF, INSEAD or Cambridge, in Europe, US or China, to undergraduates, MBAs or senior executives, I have nurtured my passion for teaching by learning to be at the service of my students. As Area Coordinator of the Strategy Area at UPF, I try to be at the service of you, my colleagues, and I am always keen to learn about you and your pedagogical journeys. With this meeting, I want to give you the opportunity to meet all together in an open, positive and non-strategic manner.”

Marc Le Menestrel

Click here to access the flyer with the insights from the first OPEN MEETING!

On December 21st, 2011, the second OPEN MEETING established the pleasant, efficient and open spirit of this initiative to improve our teaching experience at UPF.

We welcomed in particular the presence of Oriol Palom, General Manager of IC3, who brought his expertise in Environmental Management to enrich our courses or seminars and raise their relevance. We also enjoyed the many ideas of Santoshi Sengupta, who demonstrated that we in Europe have to stay in touch with innovative techniques that are taught in Asia (she may share some of documents on the website). Last but not least, we were privileged to have the Dean of Faculty Vicente Ortun, coming in an open manner and giving us the feeling that what we are doing for us and our students also have a meaning for the institution.

We were practical and discussed the development of syllabi for teaching Strategy and also sharing some tricks to face the anxiety and stress that may accompany the start of a new teaching experience. The feedback indicates that the meeting was of great service in several aspects, but mostly with respect to getting students engaged... How do we boost participation, how to handle seminar sessions; the evaluation pattern and criteria of students during seminars; the importance of asking positive questions like "what did you like the best in the presentation?“; etc.

Click here to access the flyer with the insights from the second OPEN MEETING!

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