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Launching the Dream Business Institute!

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by Marc Le Menestrel (11/05/2013)

In the last year, my work in research and teaching has focused on enriching the rational model of decision-making with values and dreams.

In order to develop this idea further, Stéphane Benoist and I have created a Dream Business Institute where we propose sessions opened to individual participants in Singapore (the first one took place last March). We also have some tailored-made corporate sessions planned in the coming months. In addition, we are hoping to develop some research and partnerships to push the experience further.

As this is the very beginning of this initiative, I am now reaching out to my contacts to see whether I could find help and support. I believe there are many ways in which you may like to contribute, thereby generating an opportunity to be in touch and do something together. For instance :

Newsletter from the Dream Business Institute

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If you have experienced a dreaming session with me in one of my courses at UPF, INSEAD or elsewhere, I am collecting testimonials that could help others to better understand what is proposed in these sessions and what sort of impact it creates. Along the years, I received some wonderful feedback messages and this tremendously encouraged me. Still, I will only use them if you agree!

Core or Advanced Sessions

Maybe you are interested in participating in a core or advanced session. Besides a Dreaming & Visioning session (June 16 and September 24, 2013), we have scheduled an session in Singapore on Fear, Failure and Dream Performance (September 25, 2013) and plan other sessions on Money, Sustainability or Entrepreneurship. Maybe you also have ideas of people or organizations who could be interested ?

Research & Partnerships

Our starting location is in Singapore, and we have nice partnering discussions with institutions there, for research, development, delivery and promotion (including some connections with the world of sports). Clearly, I am very attentive to any other opportunity that could arise to enrich our initiative. This email is also to collect reactions and suggestions from friends and colleagues like you. Sometimes, the short description of an idea, an encouragement, a contact, can make a lot of difference in allowing a dream to become reality!

This Dream Business Institute is a bit my “dream project” and I am glad it gives me an opportunity to connect again with my network. It is a great pleasure to receive so many messages of encouragements and support, with some nice indeed!

Do not hesitate to write to me if you want to continue this conversation.

Marc Le Menestrel
Launching the Dream Business Institute