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Values and Opinions (Monday 24th of April 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (1/04/2015)

Why do you think what you think?

What is your opinion on specific values-loaded decisions or situations? Why do you hold these opinions? How do you express these opinions in public and to which extent these opinions are shared or received with difficulty by others?

In this session, we enter into the debate about values in business and learn the role emotions play in our subjective judgements and intersubjective discourses.

Slides: Situations to make you think.


Choose one question or idea or feeling coming out of the slides attached. Think about it, look for background information and inspiration. Write a short, clear and powerful opinion about this. Think about why you think what wrote, if ever you really think it. Edit your work, remove what is less necessary and add one more audacious point. (300 words).

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