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Conclusion and sharing of key learning (Tuesday June 13, 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (9/06/2015)

We share key learning from the course and discuss how this learning can be effectively embedded in the future career of the students.


If you haven’t done it two weeks before, review each of the classes of the course and prepare a synthesis (300-1000 words) of the key ideas or concepts that you have learned in the class.

How could this be useful in your future life?

Auto-evaluation of the course

Provide also a quantitative self-evaluation of your own learning process during this course:

  • Between 1 to 5, how much did you prepare before the classes?
  • Between 1 to 5, how much did you engage in the learning during the classes?
  • Between 1 to 5, how much did you reflect about your learning after the classes?

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