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Unethical Process and Unethical Business (Monday May 22 and Tuesday May 23rd , 2017)

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by Marc Le Menestrel (6/05/2015)

Video: “A Cloud Over Bhopal”


The Bhopal tragedy is a landmark in industrial history, for the consequences it had inside and outside the industry. We identify the responsibilities of business and discuss the handling of this responsibility by Union Carbide in the subsequent, and still pending, legal procedures. We then discuss the responsibility of Dow Chemical, now owner of Union Carbide.

Required readings

• Dutta, Sanjib, “The Bhopal Gas Tragedy”, ICFAI Center for Management Research, Hyderabad, India, 2002.

• Dow: “Statement of The Dow Chemical Company Regarding the Bhopal Tragedy”, retrieved May 2004.

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Assignment): Given what you know about yourself and what you read about Phopal and Dow Chemical, what would it take for a leader of Dow Chemical (say the CEO) for fully being part of the solution, i.e. for business to contribute to a solution to the Bhopal tragedy?


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