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Values – Ethics - Decisions

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by Marc Le Menestrel (12/03/2012)


We embark participants in a series of questions, situations and phenomena which make salient their values, their decision-making processes and their leadership attitudes.
A series of conceptual tools and frameworks helps participants to structure their understanding of values, leadership and decisions and prepare them to express their full potential when making decisions.
We give a special emphasis to ethical values and the trade-offs they may entail in business decisions, with the intention of empowering participants to strive in the grey zone of (un)ethical business.

Targeted outcomes

• Increase awareness of the role of values in business decisions

• Develop framework and conceptual tools for facing conflicts of values

• Prepare to become inspirational leaders by your values

Instructions for students

Read in advance of class two short case-studies: “Peter Green” and “The Talking Blanket” and reflect on your answers to the questions raised.

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