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List of Published Academic Papers

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by Marc Le Menestrel (20/12/2011)

R. Pedersini, R. Nagel and Le Menestrel, M. (2019): “The Power of Requests in a Re-distribution Game: An Experimental StudyGames, 10, 27.

Le Menestrel, M. (2018): “The biased balance: Observation, formalism and interpretation of a dissymmetric measuring deviceMeasurement, 125, 659-666.

Rode, J ; Le Menestrel, M. ; Cornelissen, G. (2017) : “EcosystemService Arguments Enhance Public Support for Environmental Protection - But Beware of the Numbers!Ecological Economics 141 : 213–221.

Le Menestrel, M. & Van Wassenhove, L. (2016): “Subjectively Biased Objective FunctionsEURO Journal of Decision Processes, Vol. 4, N° 1, p 73-83.

Rode, J.; Le Menestrel, M.; Van Wassenhove, L.; Simon, A. (2015): "Ethical Analysis for Evaluating Sustainable Business Decisions: The Case of Environmental Impact Evaluation in the Inambari Hydropower Project.Sustainability, 7, 10343-10364.

Honey-Rosés, J., M. Le Menestrel, D. Arenas, F. Rauschmayer and J. Rode (2014): “Enriching Intergenerational Decision-Making with Guided Visualization ExercisesJournal of Business Ethics, 122:675–680.

Cornelissen, G., Bashshur, M., Rode, J. and Le Menestrel, M. (2013): “Rules or consequences? The role of ethical mindsets in moral dynamics” Psychological Science, 24 (4), 482 - 488.

Le Menestrel, M. and Rode, J. (2013): "Why did business not react with precaution to early warnings?" in Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovation, European Environmental Agency Report 1/2013, Chapter 25.

Rode, J. and Le Menestrel, M. (2011): “The influence of decision power on distributive fairnessJournal of Economic Behavior and Organization 79: Issue 3, 246-255.

Rauschmayer, F., I. Kavathatzopoulos, P.L. Kunsch, M. Le Menestrel (2009): “Why good practice of OR is not enough—Ethical challenges for the OR practitionerOmega 37: 1089-1099.

Le Menestrel, M. & Van Wassenhove, L. (2009): “Ethics in Operations Research and Management Sciences: A never-ending effort to combine rigor and passionOmega 37: 1039-1043.

Hunter, M., Le Menestrel, M., & de Bettignies, H.-C. (2009): “Beyond Control: Crisis Strategies and Stakeholder Media in the Danone Boycott of 2001.Corporate Reputation Review 11, 335-350

Lemaire, B. & Le Menestrel, M. (2009) “Generalized Homothetic Biorders”. Discrete Mathematics 309 3793-3810.

Rode, J., Hogarth, R. & Le Menestrel, M. (2008) “Ethical differentiation and market behavior: An experimental approach”. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 66, 265–280.

Le Menestrel, M. & Lemaire, B. (2006) “Biased Extensive Measurement: The General Case”. Journal of Mathematical Psychology50, 570-581

Lemaire, B & Le Menestrel, M. (2006): “Homothetic Interval Orders.Discrete Mathematics 306, 1669-1683.

Le Menestrel, M. & Lemaire, B. (2006): “Ratio-scale measurement with intransitivity or incompleteness: the homogeneous caseTheory and Decision 60: 207-217.

Le Menestrel, M. (2006): “Rationality, ethical values and emotions in MCDA: a commentJournal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 13: 179-182.

Le Menestrel, M. (2006): “A One-Shot Prisoners’ Dilemma with Procedural Utility. International Game Theory Review 8: 655-668.

Le Menestrel, M. & Lemaire, B. (2004): “Biased Extensive Measurement: The Homogeneous Case.Journal of Mathematical Psychology 48: 9-14.

Le Menestrel, M. & Van Wassenhove, L. (2004): “Ethics Outside, Within or Beyond OR Models?European Journal of Operational Research 153: 477-484.

Le Menestrel, M., van den Hove, S. & de Bettignies, H.-C. (2002): “Processes and Consequences in Business Ethical Dilemmas: The Oil Industry and Climate Change.” Journal of Business Ethics 41(3): 251-266.

Le Menestrel, M., Hunter, M. & de Bettignies, H.-C. (2002): “Internet e-ethics in Confrontation with an Activists’ Agenda: Yahoo! on Trial.” Journal of Business Ethics 39(1): 135-144.

van den Hove, S., Le Menestrel, M. & de Bettignies, H.-C. (2002): “The oil industry and climate change: strategies and ethical dilemmas.Climate Policy 2(1): 3-19.

Le Menestrel, M. (2002): “Economic Rationality and Ethical Behavior. Ethical Business between Venality and Sacrifice.” Business Ethics: A European Review, 11(2), 157-166.

Le Menestrel, M. & Van Wassenhove, L. (2001): “The Domain and Interpretation of Utility Functions: An Exploration.” Theory and Decision 51(2-4), 329-349.

Le Menestrel, M. (2001): “A Process Approach to the Utility for Gambling.Theory and Decision 50(3): 249-262.

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