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SPRING 2017_Class #15: Emotion of the Dark Side

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by Mathieu Durrande (28/01/2014)

  • Check-in: See Assignment #7
  • Lecture Dark side
  • Practice: Exploring the wholeness, Integrating the Dark Side...

Assignment #8
Select one of those two videos - more than 1h watch! Both are great videos!

1. Earth Talk Video: Bhutan and the Journey towards Happiness
Click here

or copy this link in your browser:

2. Reinventing Organizations - Related to Governance and Management class.
Click here

or copy this link in your browser:

Write no more than 250 words on what have been your principal new learning and insights during this talk

AND (still Assignment #8) Due on March 23 - KM0/Miles0 Dinner with friends

You decide if you want to be the chef or ask for participation but the invitation says Dinner Party 100% local (KM0/Miles0) and organic food .
Please take some photos to share the whole experience and be ready to share in class.