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SPRING 2017_Class #7: Smart City Case Studies

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by Mathieu Durrande (26/01/2014)

Students will explore the concept of smart cities

  • Presenting City Case Study
  • Harversting

Assignment #4

1. Invite 1 (or few) friends/Classmate to watch one of these video then write your collective harvest conversation. (by email , name, no more than 250 words)

. Inconvenient truth

. Video regarding Planned Obsolescence (Compras, Tirar, Comprar:

. Who killed the electric car? -

. There is no Tomorrow (Peak Oil)

. The End Of suburbia

. Farm to the future

. The Power of community

. AnY other of your choice that fit into topics of the course.

2. Read carefully the extract of Natural Capitalism (see attached document)

— > Due on Tuesday, March 21

3. THE CO-CHALLENGE - Plenty of time to experiment the sharing economy, depending on your own taste, here three suggestions but you can come up with a different one as soon as you really dare to explore out of your comfort zone!
. Enjoy a dinner in eathwith -

. Enjoy a car pooling experience with Blablacar

. Explore what Time banking means, find a initiative in Barcelona and enjoy the time bank!

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