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SPRING 2017_Class #3: System Condition & State of the Earth

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by Mathieu Durrande (14/01/2014)

* System Condition - What is Sustainability?

* Live Planet Report

* Life Cycle Analisis

Assignment #2

Due to the Following January, Thursday 26

1. Humanity Speech: If you had the full attention of the whole humanity during 1 minute…
What would you say?
Please bring your hard copy in class (Name, no more than 250 words)

2. Carbon Footprint Calculation - You may need some research there!

Define your own impact with the Carbon Footprint Calculation
It needs to be on a 12 months basis without considering your time in Barcelona as obviously do not represent your real life style.
Please bring the result in class!

3. Planting Seeds

Plant three native culinary herbs for your kitchen, name them and send a photograph of you planting, post in FB if you wish. Keep on eye on them till the end of the course…as we’ll share the result of your kind gardening.

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