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Trim 1 - Class 1: Starting the Search- Nov 22, 2012

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by Marc Le MenestrelGert Cornelissen (26/09/2012)

In this class, we present the organization of the Master Thesis at the BSM and discuss the different types of thesis.

Students are then invited to start the search for their interesting subject, looking for an appropriate topic and type of thesis that can match their intention and the standards of the school.

Finally, students identify keywords that they can use to search for material related to their topic of interest.

Questions to spur imagination:

  • Is there something you always have been willing to understand about the way people/companies/society behaves?
  • Is there something you are emotional about regarding the way people/companies/society behaves?
  • To you, what is they key challenge facing business today?
  • What is the future of the role of business towards society?
  • Are there some things that you think are necessary/essential for you to know before going back to business life?
  • Is there some event that happened recently and that you found particularly remarkable for its relation with business?
  • Do you see evidence of current business transformation? What could be a good example of this?
  • What would be needed for business to succeed in the future?
  • What do you imagine will be the needs of consumers in the future?
  • What are opportunities for technological innovation?
  • What are opportunities for social innovation?

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