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SPRING 2017_Class #1: Course Introduction and Students presentation

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by Marc Le MenestrelMathieu Durrande (2/12/2013)

A brief introduction of the course would be done, with its objectives and the general design. Then we will make some inclusion exercise to make the first connection with students, Barcelonna and sustainability principles. Why Barcelona? Why sustainability?

Assignment #1

Due Thursday January, 19

1. Look at the following 3 short videos:

Let the environment guide our development

Part 1- Sustainability: scientific & simple definition

Part 2 - 4 root causes of unsustainability?

2. Live Planet Report

Read Chapter 1 of the Live Planet Report What are the top 3 learning that really raise your attention? Why? Please email me at (Name, no more than 250 words)

You can download the report here, otherwise find it here -

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